Séminaire "Politique de la littérature" - Axe 1 "Poïétique et Politique"

Jeudi 22 avril 2021 - à partir de 16h30 en visioconférence.
L’Université accueillera Margherita Laera pour une intervention intitulée: Be My Guest? Practicing Reciprocal Hospitality Through Theatre Translation Programme de l'intervenante :
"This paper mobilises the notion of hospitality as a metaphor to establish theatre translation as an ethical and political practice that can contribute to a more inclusive and equal world on and off our stages. I draw a comparison between how people welcome guests, how nations host migrants and refugees, and how theatre-makers engage with translated plays. Evaluating models of cultural interaction and hospitality, I discuss the assimilationist, communitarian, and cosmopolitan approaches. I then draw on Derrida’s understanding of hospitality as an aporia: one can only welcome guests if one is the owner of the house; however, true, unconditional hospitality would undermine the distinction between self and other, between what is mine and what is yours. Returning more specifically how to host foreign plays, I explore the notion of ‘creolization’ – borrowed from social sciences – as a possible metaphor for a kind of hospitality that is reciprocal, and where no one can claim to be the exclusive owner of the house. I argue that when staging a play in translation, practitioners do not only act as hosts of a foreign text, but also inhabit it as guests and are hosted by it. I propose that the practice of reciprocal hospitality, as constitutive of stage translation, is a powerful reminder that we are always already made of the stories of others. " Pour assister à la séance et recevoir le lien Zoom, écrire à : mathilde.goasguen.etu[chez]univ-lille[point].fr

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