Séminaire "Politique de la littérature" - Axe 1 "Poïétique et Politique"

Jeudi 15 avril 2021 - à partir de 16h30 en visioconférence.
Intervention d'Emily Rohrbach : « Forms of Beauty and Old Books: Hazlitt, Conrad, and the Politics of Durability » Emily Rohrbach is Assistant Professor in English Literature (1660-1832) at the University of Durham. She teaches and writes about British and comparative Romanticisms, narrative theory, literature and historiography, aesthetics and politics, the poetics of time, and the materiality and literary imagination of the codex book. She is the author of Modernity's Mist: British Romanticism and the Poetics of Anticipation (Fordham UP 2016). She is completing a new monograph entitled Codex Poetics: Romantic Books and the Politics of Reading, which explores the relations between Romantic poetics and material formats. she is also co-editor of Reading Keats, Thinking Politics, the 50th anniversary issue of the journal Studies in Romanticism. Si vous souhaitez assister à la séance, vous devez écrire à l’adresse suivante pour recevoir le lien Zoom : mathilde.goasguen.etu[chez]univ-lille[point].fr

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